magis40 showcase

magis40: extreme minimal wood-aluminium window system.

magis40 is the first minimalist wood-aluminium system, produced with uni_one technology. Thanks to only 40 mm of visible wooden sash section and flush-to-wall installation, that allows the frame to be completely concealed, magis40 revolutionises the concept of minimalism in the world of mixed windows and doors. The profile’s reduced dimensions leave ample space for the glazed surface and consequently maximise the amount of natural light in the room, while concealed hardware complements the window’s clean and essential appearance.

Selected by the ADI Design Index 2020, included in the catalogue of the 17th edition of the Compasso d'Oro, winner of the YED award as best product in the profiles and components category. Available in casement or sliding versions, magis40 has excellent thermal insulation characteristics, making it the first minimalist wood-aluminium window to achieve the PhA energy class in climate band 4, as certified by the Passive House Institute.

Revolutionary technology


An unprecedented technological challenge.

magis40 is a window and door system with only 40 mm of visible sash section and a concealed frame flush with the wall. The reduced profile dimensions leave ample space for the glazed surface, maximising the supply of natural light. The internal wooden frame is protected on the outside by an aluminium shield that prevents costly maintenance. The unique concealed locking system of the fixed elements and the lack of rebates in the sash, both patented, highlight the significant technological contribution to magis40.

Advanced system


Excellent living comfort.

magis40 achieved excellent thermal insulation values (Uw = 0.72W/m²K), making it a de facto passive window. It is the first wood-aluminium window to achieve the phA energy efficiency class in climate band 4, as certified by the Passive House Institute. It also has excellent characteristics for acoustic insulation, wind resistance, water and air permeability. Furthermore, the installation solutions are designed both for new constructions, with flush-to-wall installation, and for renovations with the use of overplasterable trim profiles.

Design freedom


Personalised and original look.

magis40 is a concept, a stimulus for the creativity of designers and window manufacturers. A competent mix that leaves you free to interpret the window and door frame, to live it and dress it according to your own style. The window and door frame becomes a fluid object that stands out or blends in with the furnishings, giving it identity and character. Available in casement or sliding versions, magis40 is completed with accessories such as the Colombo Design handle and the Palagina indoor blind, for an essential and coordinated image.

Sustainable system

Wood at the core

Ours is a conscious choice.

A glulam heart beats within magis40 because, for us, natural materials are always in vogue. The glued laminated timber bar optimises the use of trees, without waste. Moreover, the use of eco-friendly, planned reforestation techniques makes the magis40 window a sustainable product. For uni_one bars, Uniform uses wood from FSC® certified forests only. Wood: sustainable and technological.

magis40: everything in 4cm

Service to the manufacturer, inspiration to the designer. With magis40 the window is not only a technical element but also a furnishing element. Discover the whole magis40 world, click below for more details.

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