Our values

Window and door systems since 1988.
Serving the producer is in our dna.

Uniform has been designing and manufacturing systems for wood-aluminum and wood-bronze windows and doors since 1988.
Craftsmanship quality and industrial production process. With our systems we have transformed the traditional wooden windows into durable and performing objects thanks to the external protection of the frame in aluminum or bronze.

Our systems for windows and doors are distinguished by innovation, quality of materials, attention to detail, thermo-acoustic performance and sustainability with the aim of becoming the benchmark for both manufacturers of windows and doors and for operators in the world of construction and architecture.



The search for excellence

Quality as an attitude

System and process certifications.

Our commitment is constant to ensure the improvement of technological, regulatory, environmental and governance processes.
This makes us a reliable partner to address the needs of customers and stakeholders.

Open our horizons


Knowing how to look beyond, together.

We believe in the strength of collaboration and in the importance of building synergies with Italian companies that have been able to distinguish themselves for quality and innovation. Uniform has chosen partners who are leaders in their field, to promote refined and unique products.

Colombo Design
Adriani & Rossi

We are

in the world

Serving the customer.

Being there. This is our motto. A capillary presence that covers all of Italy and a strong foreign representation, even beyond the European borders, to serve and support the customer at every step of production.

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