Producing with uni_one technology

Our technology redefines your carpentry.

uni_one technology is the first and only complete system for the production of wood-aluminium windows and doors using 6-meters finger-jointed glulam bars already finished and ready for cutting and assembly. uni_one technology enables rapid production with a reduced investment: it does not require painting systems or specialised woodworking personnel.

ProF-2 software for order management, MC-900 CNC centre for the machining of all wooden elements, start-up formula to support production initial phase, technical and marketing assistance. Uniform provides ITT cascading, integrated into the ProF-2 software, and supporting documents for CE marking to fulfil regulatory requirements.

Revolutionary technology

Ready-to-use wooden bar

uni_one: exclusive and democratic.

The 6-metre finger-jointed glulam bars supplied by Uniform are already moulded and surface-finished with the Icona and Natura finishes. The wood is ready to be cut and assembled according to the production logic typical of PVC or aluminium frames, with the special feature of the 90-degree corner joint. This is why uni_one paves the way of wood-aluminium systems to joiners and carpenters who wish to diversify or innovate their production.

Revolutionary technology

Software and machining centre

uni_one: complete and competitive.

Thanks to the ProF-2 software, orders are developed and transferred to the wood sawing machine for the optimised cutting of wooden bars. Each workpiece, labelled with a barcode, is then transferred to the MC-900 machining centre which, with a special reader, identifies the head and hardware machining operations. The assembly bench enables the final assembly of the window with the addition of the glazing, the external aluminium frame and the hardware. The MC-900 machining centre is capable of carrying out all the different types of machining that can be done with uni_one.


Revolutionary technology

Baseline benefits

Wood-glass bonding and aluminium.

All uni_one models feature bonding of the wood to the glass by means of a double-sided adhesive tape pre-mounted on the wooden profiles to ensure greater stability, non-deformability and even load distribution. It is removable when glass is replaced, it improves thermal and acoustic insulation, and burglary protection. The external aluminium, welded or mechanically assembled, is fixed to the wood by means of screwed nylon clips. All of Uniform's aluminium products are internally painted according to the Qualicoat Seaside standards for an additional guarantee of resistance to filiform corrosion. Special treatments, both for painting and welding, are also carried out on request for products exposed to aggressive weather conditions.

Revolutionary technology

Support, tools, service

Not only technology.

A team of professionals and technicians to train, support and follow the installation and start-up of the Pro-F2 and the production workshop step by step. Uniform also provides a set of sales tools complete with display stands, finishing cases, corners and customisable brochures. Finally, the start-up formula is designed to provide support in the initial production phase and includes the supply of pre-assembled wooden frames and the ProF-2 software on rent for one year.


uni_one: a world of solutions.

uni_one technology allows for casement and lift and slide door and window frames. The magis40 system is the minimalist line produced with uni_one technology. Discover all uni_one types!

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