Thewindowmotive represents for Uniform a goal to aspire to, a sort of corporate vision that in one word gathers dreams, hopes and values to which we aim and in which we believe.

The new payoff tells us what Uniform is and what it wants to become: an inspiring engine for the entire window and door industry, a player that coordinates, forecasts, and directs the window and door market as a whole with both technological and aesthetic innovation. We do this with the key of the system, which is a passe-partout that gives us the opportunity to introduce into the market new ideas, new styles, innovation for both the manufacturer and the end customer. We do all this by extending a hand to the world of design so that it is guided and supported in the choice of the transparent envelope of buildings.

But the worlds we want to involve are many precisely because the window itself represents many different worlds: the interior, the eternal, accessories, finishes, furniture, performance, technology, design.

Thewindowmotive is a word we created that is inspired by the world of cars. To explain a concept that refers to the window as an element of value and not only as a technical product we used four keywords: VISION, TENDENCY, TECHNOLOGY and SOLUTIONS.

Going beyond trends


To evoke a principle of eternity, of desire, of aesthetics.

Our systems are inspired by timeless values such as sustainability, care for the environment and responsible use of resources. We reinterpret nature and wood making it stronger and more durable thanks to the external protection of aluminum. We create high-performance systems with the aim of contributing to the reduction of emissions, protecting the environment and creating greater living comfort for the well-being of people.

We know the market


We know the market in which we operate and in which our customers are producers of windows and doors.

We follow and study with attention the proposals of style and design from different areas such as furniture and automotive. All this allows us to interpret the trends to create our own trend in the world of windows and doors.

Innovation is our engine


With our systems we want to create trends in the market and we have the technology to do it.

We follow every phase involved in the realization of the window, from the conception of the idea to the creation of the project, from the choice of the material to the smallest detail, from the first production phases to the realization of ambitious architectures.

Full satisfaction


With our technology we realize solutions that aim at the full satisfaction of our customer and the final one.

Not only a wide range of solutions but also selected materials and finishes, a research that takes place with great attention and sense of responsibility in every aspect from quality to aesthetics.

The new vision of the windowmotive has led us to interpret the window and doorframe no longer as a separate element but as an element of value, an integral part of the interior and exterior of the house, of the lived environment, in every detail.

For this reason Uniform has started collaborations with leading companies in the Italian panorama, synergistic with the window world, to enhance every aspect of the window and door frames and to integrate the quality at a global level.

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